The Tejas Culture

Our school emphasizes that through mistakes we get better and hence students are encouraged to be inquisitive, curious and make mistakes on the way. They fail, they learn and they get better – this is one of basic cultural tenets of TIRS.

Our students get opportunities to grow out of their comfort zones. They overcome personal challenges, blocks, fears and phobias. We ensure there always is a presence and timely guidance of teachers to assist them in their journey of self-discovery.

All the students are treated equally and everybody is encouraged to introspect first and then look outward to seek. Integrity is one of the core values that we hold very close to our hearts.

The freedom to approach any authority is encouraged and a 360° feedback thus developing an open mind in students right from a young age. Learning by sharing and caring is the motto of our hostel, Sympathy and Empathy are non-negotiable values that make our community.