Welcome Note By The Principal

Dear Parent,

Welcome to the growing community of the Tejas International Residential School! We are community of learners, education thought leaders, parents and thought leaders. Our community is motivated to offer the best education.

With an overarching vision to build a world-class education institute in our very own backyard, we came up with Tejas International Residential School, which is now a leading education institute in Bagalkot. With technology-enabled teaching methodology, safe-environment to experiment ideas, project-based learning activities and a wholesome personality building initiatives – sports, arts & leadership development program, Tejas International offers the best that your and our children deserve.

I am proud to say that this year we are launching our state-of-the-art sports infrastructure; we will now be able to train our students in various indoor and outdoor sports such as tennis, basketball, football, hockey and cricket.

In the past two years, we have made steadfast in on-boarding parents as active contributors in a child’s learning. Our house visits and collaborative approach has resulted in making every parent equally invested in their children’s overall growth – this approach is unheard in the city and we are pioneering a great learning ecosystem.

I am confident that you and your child will immensely benefit from our growing community. I invite you to come be a part of our Tejas Community. Please feel free to talk to me to know more about us.

Thank you,
Mr. Amit Singh,