Why Tejas?

Our Founders believe that with education one can change the world, for better. With them guiding us, we are building Tejas International Residential School to be the best CBSE coed School in the entire Karnataka.

We understand that parents spend every resource at their end to give the best to their children. At TIRS, our world revolves around the learning needs and overall development of every child. Our policies, systems, delivery of subjects, infrastructure all are built to maximize learning and opportunities to excel.

TEJAS Way ensures that each child grows in her own pace – no peer pressure to be someone else other than their authentic selves. Right from the curriculum development to extra-curricular activities, we have leading national and international educators partnering with us to offer the best to your children. Our in-house counselors ensure that we create a safe space for each child to freely express themselves, explore ideas and build their potential.

We use continuous assessment tools to constantly monitor the development and progress of every child and parents are a big part of this assessment. We believe that parents play an equal and important role in a child’s learning – together we prioritize learning and help a child be the best.

We offer all this and more, at a very reasonable and affordable fees in Bagalkot – something that is unheard in this part of Karnataka.

Talk to our Admissions team today to visit our campus and learn how we can help your child build her future.