With over 22 acres of campus, we are offering world-class learning environment for our students. We have ergonomically designed classrooms, well-lit and ventilated collaborative learning spaces, audio-visual aids, computers and a library hosting thousands of books (including digital library), magazines and periodicals.

We have a fleet of air conditioned buses to pick-up and drop-off students at their doorsteps. All the students have their respective RFID cards, thus enabling parents to track their child’s entry to and exit from the bus and also monitor the bus route. This is apart from the Speed Governors and the cameras.

We also have a hall of fame that celebrates every achievement of students, thus building a community that stands and learns together.

Our well-funded laboratory has up-to-date equipment and resources to fuel the scientific enquiry among our students. As the best CBSE co-ed School in North Karnataka, we ensure that we create a nurturing environment for future scientists and thought leaders. We also have different academic blocks for younger and older students, to enable a safe learning space all the time

The campus has round-the-clock security to ensure the safety of the students - both day scholars and boarding students, at all times. The campus also has a registered nurse and an emergency medical room to handle any medical emergencies on-campus. Our huge dining area is a treat in itself.

We emphasize on an ergonomically designed infrastructure that provides comfort to the children while they learn. Right from kid-friendly wash rooms, separate for each level (pre-primary/ primary/middle & high school) to innovative classroom designs – a seating arrangement to inspire interaction, flawless learning and dedication from students. Our kids love their classrooms!

Each child has an access to individual lockers, huge court yards for peer-interaction and fun moments and an amphitheater that brings out the creative geniuses out from every child. The campus has over 20 different textured pathways, sandpits and gardening area for kids to engage on a daily basis.


Our upcoming sports arena supports chess, carom, Ludo & Sudoko corner, tennis, squash, badminton, football, Volleyball, Throw ball, Basketball, cricket, athletics and swimming to name a few games and sports and playground for kids and older children. We strongly believe sportsmanship is a differentiating factor to succeed in the 21st century.

Creative Art Forms

Apart from sports and learning, we also take special care to nurture the inherent talents of our students. We have trained instructors to run our music classes – vocals and instrumentals, drama and dance. Creative arts such as crafts making and painting are also taught right from pre-primary level. We believe that these forms of arts play a very important role in building a child’s thinking, reasoning and overall perspective to life in general.