Primary, Middle & Secondary Level

Primary Level

Children of this age group – 6 to 10 years are all exploring and curious by nature. They see things and want to apply. Practical exposure gives a perfect base for a sound individual. Our pre-primary curriculum is designed by an international educator – a model where kids are encouraged to involve in activities building their motor skills and etiquette.

What they are made to see, hear and understand are the things which are going to be deeply ingrained in their being. We, in the school facilitate this adding up of vital ingredients.

Whether it is subject knowledge or the application of a concept – we provide and support the right amount of guidance and direction.

We are affiliated to the CBSE Board and follow its curriculum from primary level onwards. However, we leave no stone unturned to bring the Tejas advantage in its delivery. Kids are encouraged to ASPIRE, be curious and explore concepts through various activities.

Check out our students engaged in a discussion with local police authorities, meeting their future role models of a civilized society.

Middle & Secondary Level

From 5th standard and above, our delivery model emphasizes a lot on Experiential Learning. Instead of the traditional rote-learning methods that only looks at how much a student can memorize, the Tejas Way of learning emphasizes on understanding the concepts and principles by doing. All our classrooms are technology-enabled with multimedia computer facilities – bringing the world to every classroom.

Be it Mathematics, Science or a lesson in Civics, our students and teachers engage in discussion, exchange of ideas and apply the concepts into building projects that will help them learn better. Our teachers use a mix of teaching methods such as – Cooperative Learning, Classroom Discussions and special focus is on self-learning and critical thinking skills of the students. The Tejas way ensures that our students excel in out-of-the box thinking and are not pulled are not pulled down by criticisms that curb their creative thinking and team work.

Assessments are conducted as a continuous process and we use recent technological developments to constantly engage with parents, thus making this a thriving learning ecosystem.

"Did you know that Tejas International Residential School has been awarded as the 5th Upcoming Residential Schools in India by the Education World Magazine in 2018?"