Student Development Programs

We are driven by creating equal opportunities and access to world class education in Bagalkot, Karnataka. Tejas Way is committed to build a model that offers a ‘holistic’ approach to Child Development.

Our Model focuses on age- appropriate
  • Physical Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Moral Development and
  • Psychosocial Development

Our programs are designed to assist a child to develop in a pace suitable to him / her and mold them into contributing Active Citizens and Leaders of the 21st Century. We realize that the changing world is riddled with multiple challenges and our school is determined to help your child to be ready for that.

Some of our Student Development programs include

  • Equal importance to sports through a well-equipped sports infrastructure
  • Arts – performing and visual arts
  • Counselor – work hand-in-hand with teachers helping students to feel safe and valued at all times
  • Library to expose our students to current affairs and development
  • Exposure visits – including the larger society as a part of learning ecosystem
  • Yoga & Spirituality – to help students develop personal mastery and stronger moral compass
  • Activity / Projects based learning – to build conceptual understanding
Student Clubs

Based on personal interest, each student is encouraged to be a part of as many student clubs as possible. However, each student is mandated to be an active contributor in at least one of the clubs. These clubs are open for students from third standard and above.

  • Photography Club
  • Community Theatre Club
  • Graphic Designing Club
  • Food Club
  • Driving Club
  • Nature Club
Community Service

To keep our students connected to the community around us and the challenges of day-to-day lives, we take our students on field visits. Our students interact with the communities and are encouraged to understand their problems and develop solutions. At the end, the students submit a project report detailing their experience. Some of the recent community-oriented projects include – Donation Drive (toys, books and food), Swachh Bharat Campaign, No Plastic Campaign and Save Fuel march.