“My favourite place in the world is my Hostel.”
                                                    Tejas’ Hosteller

School is the only other place where parents trust their children to be at after home. So, we make our school and its environment worthy of a parents’ trust – safe, secure, caring and friendly.
At Tejas’ hostel, the students get to share, care, take part in every activity of life with school mates. They definitely miss their home and parents which make them respect their parents, home, food and everything at home more and also at the same time enjoy hostel life.
From the morning wake up bell to the night time prayer before retiring, it is a vigorous schedule that the hostellers at Tejas go through every day. There are prep times in the morning, evening and night after dinner which helps them cope with the daily studies and home assignments. The meal times are spent with a lot of chatting and Music. Talent Nights or Movie and TV Times are enjoyed by all. The games hours at the hostel is that time again when they get to master a shot which they learnt during the regular games’ hours in the school.

Tejas International Residential School [TRIS] is a Nursery to PG Institution, a one stop solutio...