Our commitment is to encourage every student to achieve the highest academic standard in all that they do.  Our academic programme ensures that students are challenged to learn.  They are taught the importance of practice, perseverance and determination to succeed. Our students achieve this within a safe, happy and supportive environment, in which they are inspired to become purposeful, life-long learners. We provide an education as per   CBSE Curriculum and with a vast range of activities..

The school has an extremely committed teaching team. The hand-picked staff is highly qualified and experienced in their fields; and are life-long learners committed to making the learning experience of every student a rewarding one.

The teachers here unfold and reveal what is already present in the children. They nurture children learning in joy and confidence. These pillars of the institution help the child to know and master himself and instill the will to conquer the future, which motivates the child to always look ahead and want to move on as smoothly as possible towards a bright future. "What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child," said George Bernard Shaw. This wise statement is at the core of our education strategy, fulfilled by our Pillars - The Faculty of Tejas.


Our aspiration is to foster diligence, sincerity and accountability, where by our students develop a passion for learning.

Our team of well trained teachers - as mentors, conduct their classes through various teaching techniques, which ensures understanding and growth of each child, mentally and physically, making the entire teaching and learning process interesting and fruitful.

At TIRS education is the progressive widening of consciousness which helps the child to manifest that within herself/himself, that which is uniquely her/his, leading to an increasing satisfaction and success in individual living as also collective living, locally, nationally and internationally.

Varied programmes of games, cultural activities are provided to promote skills and confidence of each student, enriching their life at school and creating interesting pursuits for life.

In a nutshell, we aspire that students establish for themselves - a set of convictions and beliefs that help them be active citizens who think globally, act locally and create a significant difference in theirs and others' lives.

Tejas International Residential School [TRIS] is a Nursery to PG Institution, a one stop solutio...